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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blue Bunny introduces 21 treats for 2011

New Blue Bunny Ice Cream Treats Add Fun and Flavor
Blue Bunny introduces 21 new products for 2011, including
100 percent natural ice cream bars and sandwiches
and ice cream flavors inspired by Chef Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes

Le Mars, Iowa – 3/7/2011 – Blue Bunny introduces 21 new products which will hit shelves in March 2011. Among the new products and flavors are low calorie indulgences and 100 percent natural novelties to decadent ice cream and cake combinations and Personals portions – ultimately, providing something fun and flavorful for everyone.

Chef Duff Goldman Flavors
Blue Bunny is proud to partner with master cake baker and artist extraordinaire, celebrity Chef Duff Goldman in the creation of four decadent combinations of ice cream and cake. Inspired by Chef Duff Goldman, these fun flavors let you have your cake and ice cream too! “The new flavors channel creativity into ice cream like never before,” said Goldman. “Much like my cakes, every last detail has been carefully crafted to create four ice cream flavor masterpieces.” The Blue Bunny Chef Duff Goldman ice cream flavors have a suggested retail price of $4.99 and are available in four fun flavors:
  • Red Carpet Red Velvet Cake – Red velvet cake flavored ice cream swirled with cream cheese frosting flavored ice cream and red velvet cake pieces
  • Chocolate Lovers Triple Chocolate Cake – Decadent chocolate ice cream served up with fudgy chocolate cake pieces and dressed in ribbons of thick, chocolate frosting
  • I Do! I Do! Wedding Cake – Celebrate the marriage of sweet buttercream frosting ice cream and white cake pieces all wrapped up in delicate ribbons of raspberry sauce
  • Strawberries Are Forever Shortcake –  The sweet taste of strawberry ice cream and real strawberries mixed with pound cake pieces and swirls of whipped cream frosting

Naturally Bars and Sandwiches
Blue Bunny Naturally Bars and Sandwiches are the perfect balance between taste and nutrition. With a short list of 100 percent natural ingredients, Naturally Bars and Sandwiches deliver a pure indulgent taste with fewer calories and fat than standard novelties and no artificial ingredients or sweeteners. Each box has six bars or sandwiches and a suggested retail price of $3.69 per carton. Blue Bunny’s Naturally Bars and Sandwiches come in four varieties:

  • Naturally Ice Cream Bars
    • Vanilla Bean – 100 percent natural vanilla bean ice cream dipped in 100 percent natural chocolate
    • Strawberry – 100 percent natural strawberry ice cream dipped in 100 percent natural chocolate
  • Naturally Ice Cream Sandwiches
    • Vanilla Bean – 100 percent natural vanilla bean ice cream between two 100 percent natural chocolate wafers
    • Chocolate – 100 percent natural chocolate ice cream between two 100 percent natural chocolate wafers

Blue Bunny has also added two new All Natural Frozen Yogurt flavors. Like all our All Natural Frozen Yogurt flavors, these new additions contain live and active probiotic cultures, are made with a short list of all natural ingredients, and contain fewer fat and calories than regular ice cream. The two new flavors have a retail price of $4.99.
  • Chocolate Vanilla Swirl – All natural, low fat, swirled dark chocolate and vanilla frozen yogurt
  • Vanilla Bean – All natural, low fat, vanilla frozen yogurt with vanilla bean specks

Blue Bunny Personals offer 5.5 oz. of single serving ice cream or frozen yogurt goodness, now complete with a spoon. Personals are just $0.99 and available in 16 flavors, including no sugar added and all natural frozen yogurt options.  Our three new personal flavors are:
  • Chocolate & Salted Caramel – Dark chocolate ice cream swirled with a salty caramel ribbon
  • Cocoa Pistachio – Cocoa ice cream with pistachio pieces
  • Birthday Party – White cake flavored ice cream with confetti-shaped candy pieces and a blue frosting ribbon

Champ! Mini Swirls
Recreate the ice cream parlor experience at home with new Champ! Mini Swirls, a mini sundae cone featuring a unique swirled shape. This fun treat is also lower in calories, ranging from 140 to 160 calories in one cone – making it a perfect portion size for kids, or even adults! Champ! Mini Swirls are available in three flavors with a suggested retail price of $4.99 for a box of 10 cones.
  • Birthday Party – Swirls of creamy birthday party flavored ice cream with a thick inner swirl of blue frosting and covered with colorful confetti sprinkles all inside a crunchy sugar cone
  • Vanilla – Swirls of creamy vanilla flavored ice cream dipped in a milk chocolate coating all inside a crunchy sugar cone
  • Chocolate – Swirls of creamy chocolate flavored ice cream dipped in a milk chocolate coating all inside a crunchy chocolate sugar cone

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches
This classic ice cream dessert is now mini and available in a variety pack. Featuring eight mini vanilla sandwiches and eight mini chocolate sandwiches in one box, there is a snack size frozen dessert for everyone. Plus, each mini ice cream sandwich is just 100 calories. The Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Variety Pack has a retail price of $4.79 for 16 sandwiches.
  • Mini Variety Pack
    • Vanilla – Vanilla light ice cream between two chocolate wafers
    • Chocolate – Chocolate light ice cream between two chocolate wafers

Sweet Freedom Snack Size
Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom offers the freedom to enjoy decadent ice cream without all the added sugar—and is now available in a snack size! These treats are lower in carbs and lower in fat than typical ice cream products. The new Sweet Freedom snack size products are available in vanilla cones and a variety pack of four vanilla and four chocolate ice cream sandwiches for a retail price of $3.69.
·         Vanilla Snack Size Cones – Vanilla low fat not sugar added ice cream in a no sugar added cone dipped in a chocolate-flavored coating and topped with peanuts
·         Variety Snack Size Ice Cream Sandwiches
    • Vanilla – Vanilla no sugar added low fat ice cream between two no sugar added chocolate wafers
    • Chocolate – Chocolate no sugar added low fat ice cream between two no sugar added chocolate wafers

Premium Ice Cream
Created and made in the Ice Cream Capital of the World, Blue Bunny has added two new fun flavors to our portfolio of great-tasting ice cream. The two new flavors have a retail price of $4.99.
  • Sweet & Salty Pretzel – Vanilla ice cream with chocolate-coated pretzels and a salty caramel ribbon
  • Dulce de Leche – Caramel ice cream with a rich, thick, buttery caramel ribbon
Dubba's Note: The longer I watch the ice cream industry, the more I get a kick out of Blue Bunny. Who else is releasing 21 new products? Kudos for going all natural as well on some of them. If you want to see them in person, check out


  1. Red velvet cake? Wedding Cake flavor? Oh wow.. The one I want to try the most is Sweet & salty pretzel....

  2. All natural is so overrated haha.

    I saw the Cocoa Pistachio personal in the store yesterday and nearly bought it, but alas, the reminder of free aggie ice cream got the better of me. Don't feel too bad though, Rocky Road awaited :)

  3. the strawberry shortcake flavor sounds really good. of course, it's the only one i haven't seen in stores. lol. blue bunny does have some good offerings.

  4. I tried the Red Velvet ice cream and thought I had died and gone to heaven. Wow. Way to go!