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Thursday, April 14, 2011

3 more flavors from Mars!

2010 saws the introduction of M&M chocolate ice creamSnickers vanilla ice cream and Twix caramel ice cream (image) from Mars. It apparently went well because there are 3 more flavors coming!! I nearly wet myself when I saw the words "Snickers" and "Rocky Road" next to each other.

SNICKERS® Rocky Road Ice Cream
Chocolate and marshmallow ice cream, chocolate-covered peanuts
and chopped SNICKERS Bar pieces.

TWIX® Peanut Butter Ice Cream
Peanut Butter ice cream, chocolate swirls, cookie balls
and chopped pieces of TWIX Cookie Bars.

MILKY WAY® Ice Cream
Chocolate malt ice cream, smooth caramel and chocolate chunks.
(my review here)

Availability began in January 2011

Building on the success of Mars Ice Cream pints introduced in early 2010, the company is adding three more flavors to the portfolio, bringing the total to six choices.

The new Candy Pints have everything you expect from Mars Ice Cream: real ice cream quality, great taste and iconic brands — all at a good value. The delicious new flavors are ideal for consumers who desire 16 ounces of real ice cream, not a frozen dairy dessert.


  1. I think that you guys should make a peanut butter snickers rocky road that would make it perfect.

  2. I love chocolate ice cream, so adding snickers made this absolutely amazing!