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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Breyers closing two plants

174 Breyers employees are now out of work now that their 47 year old plant in Framingham is being shut down. About 30 employees with hang around until the official closing at the end of May. It's not that Breyers is having trouble, it's that they've moved production to a more modern and efficient plant in Convington, Tennessee. Breyers Hagerstown, Maryland plant is next in line and will be closed by the end of the year. (per the Boston Globe)

photo from google maps street view

I'm going to miss this plant. I always loved driving down the turnpike and being reassured that fresh Breyers was close at hand.

from bing maps bird's eye view

This shutdown is actually two years in the making and explains why they painted over the silo awhile back... also notice the old Sealtest logo on the building on the right. Funny how brands fade away... well, technically Sealtest still exists in Canada, but they no longer sell ice cream.

It's good that this is a production move and not a shutdown, but it's still sad. Good luck to everyone that was let go, there are lots of people out there who know exactly how you must feel right now.

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  1. Closing the Huntington plant also last day to work July 19 2013