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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

exclusive Truvia iskream based in Connecticut

I was doing my usually news check the other day when I stumbled upon this story about "Sandra Lee and Susan Patrick, with the help of restaurateur Biagio Barone, developed the brand -- the first to use Truvia, a plant-based natural sweetener." Now I've seen Truvia in the all natural section at Shaws, but to me the big scoop here is that the pair has locked up the exclusive rights to use Truvia for the next several years. Now that's planning ahead.

Just for the record, I hate when words are spelled wrong, it just seems like a n00b move to me... sorry, couldn't resist. iSKREAM (ISkream, Iskream, iSkream, etc) is available at several locations including some local Whole Foods stores. I'm hoping that at some point they'll move north from their southwest Connecticut base so I can let everyone know how it is.

iSkream is on facebook and I wish them the best of luck!

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