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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Friendly's closes 63 stores as it files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Well, it's a sad day in northeast ice cream land...   and I mean that too. The very first time I had ice cream with my wife (over 17 years ago) was at the West Boylston Friendly's and it's one of the 63 that was closed overnight. It's a bummer because so many other things from the beginning of our relationship are also gone (where we met, our first movie theatre, stuff like that)... that and now hundreds of people are now out of a job.

Anyway, 424 stores will be tweaked to hopefully bring the restaurant back to it's former glory. Like I said before, here's a hint: GET A NEW MENU (leave the sundaes ofcourse)... Man, how did they ever get nearly $300 million in debt?

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