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Friday, February 17, 2012

Mooresville Ice Cream launches new
Front Porch : Carolina Churned Ice Cream

Mooresville Ice Cream Company, located in North Carolina and maker of Deluxe Ice Cream has launched a new product line to embody the spirit of the Carolinas in a handy dandy premium pint container. I've gone over their new flavor selection and I like what I see. That me show you their most unique flavor.

This is Sweetie Tea
It's sweet tea vanilla ice cream with chunks of tea cake.

Looking up teacake on Wikipedia : a tea cake is a traditional dense large cookie, made with sugar, butter, eggs, flour, milk, and flavoring. Yeah, that just makes this ice cream sound even cooler.

So, they've got some good sounding flavors and some fairly catchy design work going on, so they should be just fine. Here's wishing these guys the best of luck.

Oh, and as a side note, they also had the most excellent Damien Lewis at their Mooresville plant filming scenes for Homeland. You can see a few pictures up on their facebook page.

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