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Monday, June 18, 2012

Sweet, Summer’s Here! Celebrate With The Perfect Frozen Beverage

Krispy Kreme Has Seven Refreshing Blended Beverages 
Perfect For A Sizzling Summer Day

Winston-Salem, N.C. (June 18, 2012) Give your taste buds a chill this summer with the refreshingly sweet, tart and tangy tastes of frozen Krispy Kreme Chillers®.  Made with real lemons, new Frozen Lemonade and Frozen Cherry Lemonade top off seven fruity and KREMEY thirst-quenching blended beverage flavors. Available at participating Krispy Kreme US and Canada locations.

“There’s nothing like the sweet taste of cool and juicy fruit flavors in an icy cold beverage on a warm summer day,” says Ron Rupocinski, Krispy Kreme Corporate Chef.  “With seven deliciously blended varieties to choose from, you’ll have no trouble picking the perfect flavors to satisfy your summer fruit cravings.”

FRUITY Chillers Flavors Include: products and availability may vary by market.

·        Frozen Lemonade- A fresh twist on a summer classic. Made with real lemons, sweetened with only cane sugar and served icy cold.
·        Frozen Cherry- A chilly treat bursting with bold cherry flavor.
·        Frozen Cherry Lemonade- A frozen combination of summertime sweet and tangy fruit flavors.
·        Very Berry – The perfect balance of sweet and tart berry flavors.
·        Orange You Glad®- A citrusy, refreshing blend of tangerine, mandarin and navel orange flavors.

KREMEY Chillers Flavors Include: products and availability may vary by market. 
·        Berries and KREME- The rich taste of berries blended with KREME and topped with whipped cream.
·        Oranges and KREME- A Kremey blend of tangerine, mandarin and navel orange flavors with a whipped cream topping.

Frozen Krispy Kreme Chillers are available through the summer at participating Krispy Kreme US and Canada shops.  Products may vary by market. While supplies last.

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