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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Edy's / Dreyer's ends Girl Scout Cookie branding

So here we are at the beginning of 2013 and already the Edy's / Dreyer's girl scout cookie flavors are on the shelves already, there's just one little catch....

flavor you love!

Yes, this terribly worded tag is trying to tell us something.

Samoas ice cream has reverted back to caramel coconut cookie, Thin mint has resorted back to Mint Cookie, and it looks like Tagalongs might be a victim of the branding war. The coloring hasn't even changed on the packaging, just the name.

There are still slow churned versions but again Tagalongs is missing, poor poor tagalong (much like the loss of the Hot Cocoa holiday flavor). So weird that this relationship has appeared to end, it's been going on since at least 2000. That's a long long time my friends.

Update: You may have seen it already, but their are now Girl Scout branded Breyers Blasts in the form of Samoa and Thin Mint flavors. Sadly, no sign of tagalong anywhere.


  1. Bring back tagalongs!!!!!!!!!

  2. Do they not make this ice cream anymore? It is my favorite and
    I can't find it on their website. : (

  3. I havent seen it yet, but Nick and I will keep our eyes peeled.

  4. They don't make it anymore I called the company and asked them. :(