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Friday, February 15, 2013

Ruggles' New Cartons Driven by Consumer Preference

Ice cream brand takes focus group research to heart

ORRVILLE, OhioFeb. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Dairy Enterprises, Inc. announced today that Ruggles Premium Ice Cream can now be found in eye-catching new cartons that were designed to satisfy consumer preference. According to a consumer focus group, an easily identifiable flavor name topped the list of factors that make the purchase decision easier. The results showed that purchasers also want to see a description of what is in the carton.

Shape and size were important, too. Consumers said they liked a carton that would fit easily in freezer doors and could stack for convenient storage. They also asked for a lid that stayed tightly closed to keep the ice cream fresh. In the new design, Ruggles gives ice cream buyers what they want.

Arctic Mint is new for 2013
white mint ice cream with mini dark chocolate mint cups and a dark chocolate fudge swirl

"We chose a design that is different from anything found in the ice cream freezers," said Penny Baker , director of marketing for Ruggles. "Ice cream is a fun food, so our approach was to make the package design fun as well. Each package features a unique pattern and bright color scheme that tie in with the name of flavor printed in bold type on the front of the carton."

Flavor descriptions and a photo of the actual ice cream appear on every package. Consumers can scan a Quick Response (QR) code on the back panel of the carton to find entertaining and fictional stories about each flavor, and can upload their own Ruggles ice cream stories, photos, or videos about their favorite flavors to win prizes in the "What's your Ruggles Story ?" section of the website.

The new look carries through all Ruggles ice cream, frozen yogurt, and no-sugar-added ice cream products, which are available in 1.5-quart containers with a suggested retail price (SRP) of $5.59 to $5.99. New-carton transition for all flavors will be finished this spring.

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