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Here at On Second Scoop, I try to focus as much as possible on all the national brands that you might find in the freezer aisle. If you ask me, here is how I currently see the world of Ice Cream, at least from my perspective here in New England.

Craft / High End Brands ($$$$)

Jeni's Ice Cream: Out of New York

Also McConnell's, Salt & Straw, and Ample Hills if you don't mind shipping charges

Tea-rrific: Tea infused ice cream out of Connecticut

Premium Brands ($$$)
Ben & Jerry's: I'm going to have to give the top spot to B&J. They make top notch ice cream in all kinds of wonderful flavors, plus they're tree huggers, so it's all good! (I tend to be a little hard on Ben & Jerry but it's only because I expect perfection in every pint)
Favorite flavor: Milk & Cookies
Owned by: Unilever

Haagen-Dazs: B&J's very worthy competitor. H-D flavors tend to be a bit more "classic"...sorry, best word I can think of, but these guys are neck in neck in my mind.
Favorite flavor: Rocky Road (or Caramel Cone)
Owned by: Nestle

Talenti Gelato: Started in 2003 as a gelato stand, Talenti has grown to be the #1 gelato maker in the US and the #3 premium brand in the country. All natural has served them well. Oh, I compiled a list of all their flavors here.
Owned by: Unilever (announced 2014)

Graeter's: the "french pot process" has earned this company well deserved respect and loyalty
Owned by: Graeter's (since 1868)

Mainstream / Middle of the Road Brands ($$)
Breyers: I was raised on Breyers, but they have fallen out of my favor as most of their flavors are now "frozen dairy desserts".
Favorite flavor: dont have one anymore
Owned by: Unilever

Turkey Hill: Turkey Hill continues their expansion westward as the #4 producer of ice cream. They make a lot of great quality flavors.
Favorite flavor: Gertrude Hawke's Box of Chocolates
Owned by: Kroger

Friendly's: Friendly's is in the rebuilding phase with their restaurants, but they make good ice cream (and even better sundaes). They are all over the east coast.
Owned by: Dead Foods as of 5/9/16

Blue Bunny: Around here, Blue Bunny is found at Walmart and a few other select locations, but I think things are different in other parts of the country. I've learned to enjoy their ice cream and I adore their ever growing line of novelties.
Favorite Flavor: Bunny Tracks
Owned by: Wells' Dairy Inc.

Kemps has very limited exposure in my part of New England. They were at Walmart but I only really see their froyo at Market Basket and Roche Bros now. According to them: "[Kemps is] the leading marketer of frozen desserts, milk and other dairy products in the Upper Midwest". I don't care for their tart frozen yogurts, but I've had some success with their sweet yogurts.
Favorite Flavor: Denali Froyo
Owned by: HP Hood LLC (since 2004)

Dreyer's (Edy's): I was a pretty big fan of Edy's in college, but they fell out of favor when they ditched awesome flavors for terrible frozen dairy desserts. They have learned from these mistakes and their current formulas are pretty good. They were responsible for the now defunct Healthy Choice ice cream.
Favorite Flavor: Caramel Cone Crunch (retired)
Owned by: Nestle

Budget / Entry level brands ($)
Stone Ridge Creamery: Owned by the conglomerate that runs a bunch of grocery stores. They tend to be light on the mix-ins, but overall it's quite good considering the price point. (Stone Ridge is made at the same facilities as Kemps, but Kemps is not SR). Whatever store chain supervalu owns near you, that is where you will Stone Ridge products.
Favorite Flavor: Phillip's Truffle Shuffle
Owned by: Supervalu

Hood: Among it's collection of dairy products, Hood makes entry level ice cream...which is good if you're in college and can't afford anything better. They have operations throughout the country, own several other brands like Kemps, and have over 2 billion in sales annually. We didnt cover them much at first, but their New England Creamery line up has some fun stuff.
Owned by: HP Hood LLC

Flavor King: Found this at a Price Rite -- do not eat this stuff.

Low Fat Brands:
Skinny Cow
Owned by: Nestle

Weight Watchers
Made by Wells' Dairy Inc. since 2004

Healthy Choice - defunct
Owned by: ConAgra (but made by Edy's)

Local Brands:
Brighams: It's only served in New England. They were sold to Hood in the summer of 2008 and the plan then was to keep the status quo. They make good ice cream, but I don't cover it much since their market isn't that big (not that we don't love our ice cream in New England).
Owned by: HP Hood LLC

Gifford's: Gifford's (of Maine) bought Gifford's (of Maryland) a few years back to expand their distribution along the east coast. They make some fun quarts but I only really see them at Roche Bros and Wegmans in my area.
Ownded by: Gifford's

Non-Local Brands:
Pierres Ice Cream Company: Pierre's products are sold in 10 states. They also own Hola Fruta and Yovation. It's very possible you are eating Pierre's ice cream, but under a private label name.
Owned by: Pierres ICC

Perry's Ice Cream: Is out of upstate New York. They have been nice enough to send over samples several times, most people find their stuff at Wegman's.
Owned by: Family Owned - 4 generations

Blue Bell Creameries: While Blue Bell creameries was the #4 brand in the country, though it's only available in 17 states. I don't happen to live in one of them, so we have CT from Nerd Lunch try them for us every now and then.
Owned by: Blue Bell Creameries

Non-Dairy Brands:
Tofutti :

Purely Decadent & So Delicious from Turtle Mountain

Brands I'm still trying to place:
Walmart also has their own brands of ice cream but we don't try it often

Starbucks ice cream was a limited selection, often coffee based (produced by Unilever).

Walgreens makes their own ice cream, making both standard and premium ice creams.

There is Green's and Hagan in the Pennsylvania area, but they are run by Kemps, which is run by HP Hood LLC.

There is Carolina based Mooresville ice cream which puts out pints of Front Porch ice cream.

Magnum makes premium ice cream bars in the states and is owned by Unilever.

Mars is responsible for any Mars or Dove ice cream (Dove pints are rare nowadays)

hmmm, did I forget anyone? other places might carry "store" brands, but deep down these are probably rebadged ice creams. As time goes, I will place them were I can. Feel free to leave a comment.

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